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ante threesome or triangle

Tomorrow I need to announce when I want to use my last days off this year. This means that today M. and I need to decide what will happen. If we will meet this year or not.

I wonder what we all will speak about and what the outcome will be.

Music Speculation

Since 2 weeks now I have been submitting all the music I listened at to my profile. I have music on almost 24/7, I even sleep with music.

Last weeks charts surprized me, as I knew that I listened a lot to Pearl Jam, but never had noticed I listened THAT much to Pearl Jam. I always had thought I listened more to AIR. A little more investigation learned me that my favourite AIR album, Talkie Walkie, was badly tagged and not recorded in my profile.

Mainly I listen to albums, which explains why I listen to few artists but lots of times to them according to my profile.
As music says a lot about my mood, I will try to find the discipline to weekly review my music week. And that on sunday evening, shortly before the new charts get published.

This week.

New music : I hardly got any new music this week, except for 3 albums, all from the same artist. If you like personal, lyrical music, strongly autobiographical, you need to listen to Beth Hart. Beth Hart got popular in 2002 with the L.A. Song.
Her tracks deal with her former heroin addicted life, her anger, her confusion, her imbalance. Battling with her demons.
I bought 2 albums and the Live DVD this week and they have been on auto-repeat almost. I expect Beth Hart to end up in this weeks Top10.
Beth Hart at

Otherwise this week has been pretty normal : much of electronic and trip-hop. Massive Attack, Tricky, Moloko and AIR will rank high. Pearl Jam as well, although I do expect AIR to top the list this week.
Last days I also have been listening to some German Music, mainly Die Fantastische Vier, a German Rap band, Seed, dance-hall, and Wir Sind Helden, German mainstream Rap.
Belgian Rock has had his best week of the year in my media player, although I only listened to one artist : dEUS.
Furthermore to expect in Top25 this week : Anouk, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and Ben Harper. Guitar vocalist seem to be pretty much my favourit kind of music lately. But rock will never be forgotten either. Just as almost always my neighbours have been terrorized with Skunk Anansie and Rage Against The Machine, plus some healthy dose of dark music (The Sisters Of Mercy, The Pixies and The Cure being this weeks favourites)

And of course the fun at work has been going on and INXS was this weeks favourite band. Besides that I do think Live Baby Live is the most painfull album I have on my hard drive, or was that a-Ha?

Oh well. already published this week’s charts. Many things have not been listed. Fukkit!

Go check it here.

need to get rid of it

For weeks now I have been putting this of, but I just need to get rid of it. Normally I wouldn’t blog about this, but since this is my thoughts blog I can. Still I won’t post any links. Discovering is great, upto a certain point.

A while ago I noticed this woman in blog comments. Her first comment I saw immediately struck me. She seemed to have some brain. Weeks went by without anything and then, suddenly, we started mailing. One leaded to the other. Damn fast even. We discovered a remote chemistry.

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you dare? not scared?

If you aren’t scared and dare to stay longer than 30 seconds on a site, even without winning credits for this, head now to my main blog and read one of the most personal entries I ever wrote.

It is a REALLY LONG entry, but has never been documented before in my life. So far only insiders know about this!

Do you dare?

need more

Fuck I voted for bozette!

I swear it was an accident.

I need more coffee! Lots more!